Class Descriptions

Classes offered during the dance year:

Creative Movement

Available for 3 and 4-year-olds, 45 minute class

This class introduces each subject: jazz, gymnastics, ballet, and tap, while building creativity, listening skills, strength, and flexibility.


Available for 5-year-olds, 1 hour class

This class offers a 15 minute section of each subject: jazz, gymnastics, ballet, and tap, in order to introduce more advanced studies in each area.

The following classes are offered to any student 6-years-old and up. Each class is a half hour long, with the exception of the more advanced classes which are specified by Miss Holly.



Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance! Emphasis is placed on learning proper technique, body alignment, balance, and terminology while developing grace and poise.


Timing and rhythm are essential in learning tap. Students learn to make sounds with their feet, enabling them to gain coordination, control, speed, balance, agility and endurance.


Classes are divided according to levels of ability and age. Acrobatic tumbling and gymnastic (floor exercise) skill taught. Focus is placed on good form and proper technique while strengthening the body. Acrobatic (i.e., limbers, walkovers, arabians, etc.); Gymnastics (i.e., handsprings, tucks, aerials)


Jazz dance has several styles. Classical, hip-hop, musical theater, and lyrical jazz are all types of jazz dance. We emphasize on all different styles that make up jazz dance as it is known today. This class is high energy using tempo, pop, and hip-hop music. Students will learn technique, terminology, jumps, turns, body isolations, across the floor progressions and dance combinations.

The following classes are offered to the more advanced students with instructors' approval.


Must take ballet! Ballet, jazz, and modern techniques are combined. We emphasize developing strength, control, and flexibility. Students will learn to express the mood, emotion, or theme of contemporary music through physical movement.


Must be 12 or older and in a 45 minute ballet class!


Our modern classes focus portraying an object or story in an abstract way. Class work includes lifts, body isolations, and strength.


Must take jazz and be in a 45 minute jazz class! This is a style of dance that encompasses everything from popping and locking to breakdancing, footwork, jumps, and ticking. Hip-hop dance is a balance of letting go and being loose with your body, while at the same time controlling them as well. Whether it is fast or slow, hip-hop is a style of dance that is filled with character, attitude, and fun!