Studio Policies


All tuition is due the first class of each month. If any tuition is not paid by the 15th of each month, a $15.00 late fee will be applied to your account. A $20.00 NSF service fee will be applied to your account for any check returned by the bank for any reason. For more information on tuition prices, click here.

Dance Attire

Although a leotard and tights are not necessary, they are a preferred form of dance attire. T-shirts, shorts, and sweats are acceptable. If you have long hair, please have it pull back in a ponytail!


Please purchase the correct shoes that are assigned to your child by Miss Holly. Shoes can be purchased at Dancer's Closet in Murrysville, or online.

Dressing Room

Please label all shoes and clothing. The mangagement is not responsible for any lost articles. No food or drink is permitted in the dressing room. All food and beverages may be enjoyed in the dancer's lounge area!


All parents and visitors are welcome to stay and watch any of our classes. Please be seated in the observation/lobby area. We ask that you watch younger children if they are not dancers. Younger brothers and sisters are not to be in the classrooms. Also, please accompany your youngsters into the restrooms.


At least once a month, newsletters, order forms, and other important dance information will be sent home. Please make sure your child gets these to you and keeps you informed.


We will be having an annual dance recital in the month of June.



During the coming year, minimal expenses for costumes, accessories, and tickets will arise. We will be offering Sarris Candy fundraising twice during the year for all that wish to raise money for these expenses: once around Christmas, and once around Easter.

***Severe Weather Information***

If the dance school is close due to inclement weather, it will be on WTAE and the dance school's answering machine. If severe weather occurs after school is let out, please check the news and call the dance studio before venturing out to dance class.