Miss Holly's Staff

All of Miss Holly's dance instructors and choreographers are versatile in all genres of dance

Holly O'Connor-Westwood:

Owner of Miss Holly's Dance Studio


Miss Holly began her training at a very young age at a local dance studio. As her love of dance grew, she became an instructor's assistant at the age of 12. The local studio was a competitive dance school, where Miss Holly quickly learned that this is not what dance is about; it's so much more than competition - it's about growing and learning with other dancers who share the same passion and love that I have for dance. Miss Holly had a burning will and desire to open her own dance studio, where everyone is able to be who they really are. Miss Holly believes in encouragement and building up every student's self-esteem so they can become all that they can be in whatever their future endeavors. Miss Holly's style of teaching is very uplifting, energetic, patient and fun! With these important qualities come class structure, professionalism, and respect. Miss Holly strongly believes in "where there's a will, there's a way." Miss Holly is very humbled that Jesus Christ picked her to run and own Miss Holly's Dance Studio!

Miss Heidi Kosmal

Miss Heidi began her training at a very young age at a local gymnastics school, where she was chosen to be placed on the competition team. It didn't take long for Miss Heidi to realize her passion in life was to ignite creativity and hope in everyone: young children and adults. Miss Heidi decided to expand her horizons and joined a local non-competitive dance studio. This is where she met Miss Holly at the age of 10, who was her instructor's assistant. Miss Heidi and Miss Holly clicked from day one, since they were both raised in the same neighborhood: "Good old North Bessemer!"; where all North Bessemer kids were raised with the same morals, values, and a good work ethic. Soon Miss Holly became the main dance instructor and choreographer, and Miss Heidi was promoted to the instructor's assistant at the age of 14. Miss Heidi and Miss Holly have been attached at the hip ever since. When Miss Holly's Dance Studio was established in 1999, Miss Heidi became a main dance instructor and choreographer.

Miss Kate Pompa


Miss Kate began her training at the age of 2 at a local dance studio in Long Island, New York. She continued her dance career at the performing arts high school in Long Island. Miss Kate is a 1998 high school of performing arts graduate, and proceeded to pursue dance in college at Pittsburgh's Point Park University. Miss Holly was looking for an elite dance instructor and Miss Holly's cousin, who was employed in the Theater Arts program at Point Park, referred Miss Kate. Miss Kate has been a dance instructor and choreographer for Miss Holly's Dance Studio since its establishment in 1999. Miss Kate is a 2001 Point Park graduate with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography. Miss Kate also has a Master's Degree of Science in Counseling Psychology. Miss Kate is currently employed by Wesley Spectrum Services, where she is the clinical director of austism services. Miss Kate is a proud mother of two children: Drew, who is 7-years-old and loves baseball, and Lexi, who is 5-years-old and a dancer. She's a little diva following in her mom's footsteps.

Miss Diana Stevenson


Miss Diana began her training at a very young age with a local non-competitive dance school where Miss Holly was her instructor's assistant. By the time Miss Diana turned 14 she had become an assistant, and Miss Holly was now the main instructor and choreographer. Miss Holly bought that local dance studio and renamed it in 1999. Miss Diana has been an instructor and choreographer since the day of Miss Holly's grand opening. Miss Diana's journey began so many years ago with one simple experience that forever changed her life. It only takes one experience to make a difference. That experience is what Miss Diana duplicates for every dancer who enters her dance room. Miss Diana is a 2004 graduate from AAS, where she studied photography. She currently also works as an independent sales representative and is a proud mother of Tyler "The T-Man", who is 5-years-old and enjoys doing karate.

Miss Chloe Barbour


Miss Chloe began her dance training at Miss Holly's at the age of three. As a Penn Hills native, Miss Holly's Dance Studio was her first exposure to dance, and has evolved into her true passion in life. Miss Holly's Dance Studio was her home away from home as a child, and it is where she learned many of the positive qualities that she possesses today. After many years of hard work and countless hours spent in and outside of the dance room, Miss Chloe was asked to become an assistant at Miss Holly's. Throughout high school, she did her best to balance school and dance, and by her senior year she had been accepted to the University of Pittsburgh - Oakland Campus and was also promoted to a full time instructor at Miss Holly's Dance Studio. Miss Chloe continued her academic studies at Pitt and graduated in April 2015 with a degree in Linguistics and Russian. She is now married to Petty Officer Bradley Barbour of the US Navy and is relocating to Norfolk, Virginia in the summer of 2015.

Miss Jeanette Lundell


Miss Jeanette is a 2010 graduate of Seton Hill University with a Bachelor's degree in Theater Performance and a Dance minor. In 2011, Miss Holly relocated the dance studio to its current location and quickly realized that running three dance rooms was necessary to meet the needs of the clientele. Miss Holly searching for an elite dance instructor and choreographer to join the outstanding, talented faculty. Miss Jeanette's resume impressed Miss Holly, and when they first met they just clicked. Although she is the newest member of Miss Holly's dance family, she has been accepted since day one as one of their own. Miss Jeanette is extremely dedicated and has proven herself to be a passionate, successful instructor and choreographer. She is so grateful that God's plan led her to Miss Holly's Dance Studio, and couldn't ask for a better environment in which to further her dreams.

Miss Melissa Ness


Miss Melissa began her dance training at Miss Holly's at a very young age. She was raised in North Versailles, but was born in Monroeville, which is how she came to be a student at Miss Holly's Dance Studio. Miss Holly's was her first experience with dance, and as she grew she never lost her passion for it. Miss Holly's Dance Studio continues to be like a home to her. Throughout high school, Miss Melissa worked as an assistant at the Dance Studio. She now attends the University of Pittsburgh - Oakland Campus and is working towards a degree in Nursing and will graduate in 2016. In 2014, Miss Melissa became a full time instructor. It is clear how much she loves to dance, and that love inspires everyone around her. All of her students look up to her as a role model and aspire to be just like her: a phenomenal dancer and a wonderful person!

Miss Claudia Ewart


Miss Claudia is our weekday secretary, and part-time therapist. She joined our team in 2011 and immediately made a home for herself at the front desk. Miss Claudia is always on top of it: taking care of payments, order forms, and paperwork... always staying organized and staying positive. All the students and parents adore her, and they know she loves them too.

Miss Elaine Kosmal


Miss Elaine is our Saturday secretary. She has been a part of the Miss Holly's Dance Studio since the opening in 1999. Along with her Saturday duties, Miss Elaine is also our in-house seamstress. She is always the first to offer a helping hand to anyone and give wise words of encouragement to any and all. Miss Elaine - you're the best!

Benjamin "Mr. Buck" Westwood


Mr. Buck is, first and foremost, Miss Holly's husband. He also works as the dance school maintenance man and jack of all trades. Mr. Buck was one of the Penn Hills Police Department's finest. He served in law enforcement for a total of 39 years. Miss Holly's Dance Studio is definitely a place where you feel safe at all times!
September 12, 2014 - Mr. Buck "Detective Westwood" had his last day at the Penn Hills Police station... Congratulations Mr. Buck for an outstanding career. Thank you for always serving us with honor and integrity.

To my husband: Thank you for always loving me the way you do, and always being there for me! I love you with all my heart.
To Mr. Buck from all the dancers: Everything is clean. We promise. Roger that.